Time Flies

I had a happy post about Clara turning 2 next week but WordPress ate it. Now you get pictures instead.


Whoa there neglected blog

Wow, so it’s been a while. After December things got CRAZY. My new coworker ended up hating teaching our grade level and had awful test scores, so I had to do everything for both her and me.

I ended up getting a new job within my county in August, so that’s been a fun transition!

Clara is doing well. She’s talking a ton and is as fearless as ever! 

I need to get back to blogging! 

One Year

   My baby is a year old! I’m constantly amazed at her.

   We had a small birthday party with friends last weekend, and will have family over to celebrate her birthday next weekend. She was so social and wanted to be held and play with everyone! She got a tea set, and she’s loved pretending to pour tea. She wasn’t sure what to do with the cupcake I gave her on Saturday, but on Tuesday when I brought cupcakes to daycare, she loved it!

Here’s how the past month has gone:

-reading! She will grab a boom, crawl to me, sit on my lap, and wait for me to read. I love that she’s a reader already!

-pulling op on things and cruising along. No walking yet, but she’s pretty fast when she cruises along the couch!

-eating. She’ll crawl to her high chair and stand up if she wants a snack. She’s loves just about anything we give her.

-bathtime. She won’t sit down and just screams until its over.

-the carseat. She’ll try and stand up and will cry until the car starts.

-not getting her way. Sorry, but I’m not going to let her chew computer cords. 😉



Seeing Santa




   Right now she’s sleeping with her head on my shoulder after a 3:30 wake-up. We’re still not sleeping through the night, but it’s not too bad.

11 month letter

Dear Clara,

Sorry this is so late! I’m training a new teacher and it’s going a lot slower than I’d like, so I’ve been busy.

This month you’ve started moving a LOT. Not walking yet, but you’re constantly pulling up on things and crawling around the house. You pretty much know what you can and shouldn’t play with. Your favorite toy is the TV remote, and you love standing in front of the window and staring outside. Maybe we’ll get a screen door in the spring.

You did get a nasty virus this month. You started off with a 102 degree fever that came down quickly with Tylenol. The next day it came back, and the next night you went up to 105. I immediately put you in a tepid bath and was about to call the doctor, but it went down to 103. The doctor said you had a virus and the only thing we could do was alternative Tylenol and Motrin. It took a week for you to be fever free!

You’re still eating like a champ. There isn’t a solid you won’t eat, and if I’m eating, you think you need to eat too. We’re still nursing.

Something we need to work on is self-soothing. When you wake up at night, if you see me, you have to nurse to sleep. You won’t let me give you a pacifier. I’ll send Daddy in, but sometimes you scream until I get up. Also, you still nurse to sleep. We tried CIO, but neither Daddy or I can handle it. We’ll figure it out!

-cruising around the house
-the TV remote
-singing and music

-diaper changes
-clothes changes
-getting your nose wiped



     It’s 3:45 in the morning and its our 2nd wake-up of the night. Clara is working on her 9th tooth (piranha baby!) and I think that’s been disrupting her sleep schedule the past 3 weeks. I don’t mind the snuggles though.

     Clara has been a great eater!  Anytime she sees me eat she has to eat too. We’re also at the point where if we go out to eat, we either have to share with her (which I don’t mind at all!) or if we order things that aren’t baby-friendly, we have to get her a cheese quesadilla or something. She was cute the other day: I was eating pineapple, and she crawled over to check it out. She grabbed a chunk, shoved it in her mouth, made a face, pulled it out of her mouth, and dropped it back into my bowl.

     She’s quite the daredevil lately too! She loves to pull herself up and walk holding onto things. If she’s on the bed, she has no sense of fear and will try to dive right off. She loves to be flipped upside down and will laugh and crawl to me and put her head down to ask me to flip her.

     I’m loving this stage of baby!

10 month letter

Dear Clara,

Oh my, has this month been fun! This month we went to a farm twice, once with you, me, and Daddy and once with you, me, Grandma, and Grandpa. You loved swinging, touching the hay, and choosing a pumpkin.



You also spent your first evening away from us. Daddy, Grandpa, and I went to a hockey game and you spent the evening with Grandma. It was the first time you had bedtime without us, and it wasn’t too bad. You ended up staying up later than normal (but you did sleep eventually, without a fit) and I didn’t worry too much.

This has also been the month of the ear infection that won’t quit. At your 9 month checkup the doctor saw the beginning of an ear infection, so you were given antibiotics. 2 weeks later, the infection was still there, so you were given a different antibiotic. Today we go back to see if the infection is gone for good. The antibiotics did scare me a little. There were 2 separate days where you didn’t wet a diaper at all overnight and didn’t drink well the next day. You would always wet later on, but I did take a half day off work to make sure you ate.

-pulling up on the couches and tables
-pulling things off the table
-banging the remote on the table (haven’t had to get you new toys since you love the table right now!)
-hanging on the windowsill to stare out the window
-eating! You just about eat what we do, and I’m getting better at allowing you to eat more flavorful food. Haven’t found a food you won’t eat!
-sharing! You’ll share your food and pacifier with us.

-getting dressed
-diaper changes
-going to bed. Bedtime has taken an hour lately.
-waiting for food!
-when we eat and you’re not (I can’t even grab a cookie and hold you without you trying to eat it!).

This has been an awesome month! We love you!



9 month letter


Dear Clara,

This past month has been busy busy busy! Mommy and Daddy went back to work after summer break, and you started going to daycare a few days and to Grandma’s the rest of the week. You’re doing well with that. You like playing with other babies at daycare and playing with the dog at Grandma’s.

You started crawling a lot this month! You’re on the go. You like to still be near us. If you crawl out of the room, you’ll wait in the hallway or doorway for us to follow you. You also don’t like me getting up if I’m near you while you play. You’ll play hide and seek with me! If we’re in the same room and I say your name and duck out of sight when you look at me, you’ll come get me.

You like snuggling a lot lately. You give awesome hugs too!


I bet you’ll walk soon!


-eating. Solids are going well. You eat just about what we eat.
-singing and being sung to
-listening to music
-stroller walks

-diaper changes
-getting dressed
-water poured over her head at bathtime
-not being able to see us

8 month letter


Dear Clara,

   This month went by too fast! You definitely were a Mommy’s girl this month. If I was in the room, you wanted me. I didn’t mind the snuggles, and got some extra arm definition from lifting you up!

   This month you’ve figured out how to walk around your exersaucer if you hold the sides! It is so exciting to see you gain independence. You won’t do it on furniture yet though! You’re not crawling yet, but I think it’s coming soon. You’ll get on all fours but haven’t figured out how to get your legs to do what you need.

   This month you also found your voice! You yell and screech for fun, and think it’s great when Daddy and I yell and screech back at you.

You have 4 teeth coming! 2 bottom and 2 top. Made for a cranky month. 😦
You’re in 6-9 month clothes and size 3 diapers now too.

   We put you in your convertible carseat instead of the infant one. We chose to switch when you started sweating through the fabric of the infant seat.  This carseat has temperature control material, and you have been so much happier since we switched!

   You started being watched a couple days by Grandma while Daddy and I set up our classrooms. That went well except that you refused bottles from Grandma. I was worried until Daddy gave you a bottle just fine, so I guess
you’ll eat when you’re hungry.

I love you!

-napping on Mommy
-holding hands and walking
-riding in the cart when we shop
-yelling and screeching
-watching animals

-getting dressed
-putting on the Halo sleepsack at night
-being held by anyone else when Mommy’s around

When Instinct Isn’t Right

   It happened today. We were giving Clara nibbles of an apple slice. We were watching her carefully, and she was taking tiny bites of the slice I held for her. My husband was watching us, encouraging her to try more. She really liked it, and before I could stop her, she lunged forward and bit off a big chunk. She gagged for a second, then got quiet and her face turned red.

   Now I know not to finger sweep her mouth. I know it can push food in further. I know to turn her upside down on my arm and pound her back if she chokes. But I did it anyway. I saw the chunk in her mouth and tried to get it out, but only pushed it in more (I think I may have dislodged it and made it go down her throat). When that didn’t work, I flipped her over and gave her a couple good pounds on the back. She was crying, so I stopped. She was probably more upset that I put my finger in her mouth and pounded her back, because she went right back for more apple.

   After, I was upset with myself. I hope that if the same situation comes again, I will handle it better. It’s frustrating to know what to do but not do it when the time comes.

(to lighten the mood, here’s a random picture)


BLW, maybe

   We are at the point where Clara gets solids once or twice a day. So far she’s had the following in baby food form:
-green beans
-sweet potato


She’s also has the following:
-plain full fat Greek yogurt
-steamed broccoli
-blueberries and blackberries in mesh feeder
-gnaws on carrot sticks and cucumbers
-steamed sweet potato sticks
-half of a plum
-taste of a peach I was eating
and probably other things I’m forgetting


   It’s hard for me to give her non-baby food things to eat. I’m afraid of her choking. Little things don’t make it into her mouth yet. She grabs them into her palm but hasn’t figured out how to get the food to her mouth. She does better with sticks, but then I worry about her breaking off big chunks. I know she needs to eat real food to learn chewing. I don’t want to create an aversion to her eating by scooping big chunks out of her mouth. She loves her high chair and shoves her food/spoon into her mouth and gags at times. I know if she truly chokes, I can help, but I’m afraid of not being able to get her out of her high chair to do the Heimlich and things like that.

   It doesn’t help that whenever I’m with my mom and she watches Clara eat, my mom panics. I gave Clara steamed broccoli and my mom immediately criticized me, telling me that she would choke on the florets and I shouldn’t give that to her. She hovers if I give Clara non-baby food and makes me anxious, and I know Clara can see that.

   I suppose I need to relax a little, but it’s tough!